Unteachable - Leah Raeder This was really good. I was a little surprised by how much I actually did like it. New Adult and I, well, we have a rocky relationship. This book, though, was different.
I don't really want to review the writing style. I have nothing new to add to that. It was stunning. I loved the poetic descriptions and the cinematic way the story was woven together.
Why only 3 stars, then?
Quite simply, the ending.
I didn't like them leaving together. I liked it better when Maise boarded the plane and no one was beside her. I think it was a beautiful stopping point. Maise embarking on this road to recovery and hope by herself, on her terms. It seemed too happily ever after for the dark and gritty story that I had been reading. I am sure I'm in the minority with my opinion here. But that's where it is.