Take Me On (Ross Siblings, #4)

Take Me On (Ross Siblings, #4) - Cherrie Lynn

2.5 stars, rounded up.
I am so torn. I was so excited for this. I have been waiting forever for this book to be released because I loved Leave Me Breathless so dang much. I felt that the books in this series were getting better with each new book and I pinned so many hopes that this one would be unbelievable. It was such a disappointment, then, when I started reading it.
My first complaint, was when Macy and Candace walked into the tattoo parlor. Candace shouted something like, "Grab her, she just admitted to maybe wanting a tattoo!" This bugged me so much. Not everyone (male or female) needs to conform to their significant others way of living. Just because Macy is with Ghost and Ghost is an artist, doesn't mean she needs to get all tatted up. And the Macy from Leave Me Breathless made it pretty clear she didn't want any tattoos.
Which leads to my second complaint, characters not acting like themselves. I have read all the books in this series (short stories, too, and Leave Me Breathless twice.) Why, all of a sudden, are the Ross parents not acting like themselves? It was pretty hard to swallow. Not to mention, Gabby is 36 damn years old! Just couldn't buy it. Besides, if she's this strong, "scary" woman that's being pushed down my throat, why would she put up with that? It just didn't make sense to me.
Next, the story line felt a little recycled. Anyone who has read Rock Me has read the main driving force of this story. I understand the need for conflict and to overcome it but I think there was enough going on without throwing that into the mix.
The sex, which was always so steamy, intense, and full of chemistry in the other books, was just meh. I just did not get it with these two. I felt more like I was being told it was there and not shown. I actually caught myself skimming through it. I just didn't really care.
Everything about this felt so rushed. Their relationship, forcing Ian and Gabby together, everyone "drinking the water" at the same time... :Eye Roll: Ugh. It was too much, too soon. Really.
Overall, just very disappointed with this. I don't know what Cherrie Lynn plans to do next but I will read it, hoping that it is back on par with her normal writing and story telling.