Unbeautifully (Undeniable, #2)

Unbeautifully (Undeniable, #2) - Madeline Sheehan I read this thinking it was Danny and Ripper's story. And it sort of was. It was also Duece and Eva's story. I understand the appeal of re-visiting the characters from book 1 but to further the story line after we already know that they're fine just didn't seem necessary. And the ending was a little too dramatic. There was too much, what with someone being shot and another being kidnapped. It was too rushed, in my opinion.
I did like that this one flowed a little better. One of my biggest issues with the first book was how much time the book encompassed and how quickly it jumped through the years. I think she did a better job spreading this one, showing us down time for both Danny and Ripper. Overall, I think this was better than book one and the author is showing growth so maybe I'll keep going.