The Rocker That Savors Me (The Rocker, #2)

The Rocker That Savors Me (The Rocker, #2) - Terri Anne Browning Hmmm. Well, this was disappointing. I had hoped that it would be better than the first. It wasn't. This book was full of typos and it would jump from "ed" to "ing" on the end if a word and I would get thrown out of the story. Not to mention this author loves her exclamation points. Wow. They were everywhere, along with the word "rocker."
Overall, just not my cup of tea. Everything felt so rushed. The first time they met, they were in love, the next climbing all over each other, then moving in, getting married, etc. It was just too much. I am not a big fan of insta-love. I think I'm done with this series.