Barely Leashed (Ross Siblings, #0.5)

Barely Leashed (Ross Siblings, #0.5) - Cherrie Lynn I am finally going to read [b:Unleashed|7202825|Unleashed (Ross Siblings, #1)|Cherrie Lynn||7897939] and figured I should read this short before hand. I actually think I should have waited and read it after. I have no real connection to the characters and it was too short to give me any. I love Cherrie Lynn and have devoured read everything she's written except for [b:Unleashed|7202825|Unleashed (Ross Siblings, #1)|Cherrie Lynn||7897939]. Evan just seems a little clean cut and average for my tastes but Cherrie Lynn hasn't lead me astray yet. So, I'm giving it a shot. Maybe after I've read Unleashed, this will hold more meaning for me. But right now, meh.