Summerset Abbey (Summerset Abbey Series #1)

Summerset Abbey - T.J. Brown I can't say this was the most exciting book but I did enjoy all the intrigue.
I got a little aggravated with Prudence. (I understand that the times were changing but they hadn't completely yet.) Prudence seemed a little too entitled to me. I understand that she was raised with the Buxton girls but it seemed a little overboard considering that she knew her mother was a maid/governess.
I also didn't like everyone placing all the blame on Rowena for everything. What was she supposed to do? I don't understand everyone's dislike for her. I mean, women still had no real voice. They were fighting to change that but it it hadn't changed yet. So, what was she supposed to do? Try to live with no home, no money, no rights, and raise Prudence and Victoria? I felt like she got the shafted. Her uncle lets out the house and some how it's her fault? It just showed how childish Prudence and Victoria were. Especially since Rowena felt so guilty and responsible for things she had no control over and they continued to blame her.
Victoria. What to say about this one? I really have no idea. I mean, she was unimportant until the end.
Overall, I'm curious to see what happens with the girls in the next book but I want the actual book so I can skim over the boring details about the house, decorations, and dresses.