Sweet Talk

Sweet Talk - Julie Garwood, Angela Dawe I did not like this. I don't know if it was the book itself or the narrator, as I had issues with both.
The story line was very contrived and predictable, the chemistry between Grayson and Olivia felt forced and lackluster, and the whole story line of her "illness" got on my nerves.
Grayson and Olivia had an instant love connection, of course, and they are both absolutely perfect in every way. They are both gorgeous, intelligent, have huge hearts, make lots of money, blah, blah, blah. And of course they know this about each other in their first meeting. Ugh. There was no real "getting to know you" phase to build any tension between them.
I actually found myself getting very aggravated with her "illness" because it never named what her "illness" was, only referred to it as her "illness," until near the end of the book. Picking up on the not so subtle clues, I knew it was a cancer but not which one and still don't really understand why the big "reveal" mattered so much. It was just annoying.
Now, my review about the narrator, Angela Dawe.
Not good, my friends, not good. I knew I was in for a bad one from the beginning but sometimes you get used to it and can kind of ignore some things. In this case the over pronunciation (I heard every single 'd', 't', 's' (which had a whistle), etc) and really long pauses, like really long pauses. But on the second disc she said some emotion or other of Olivia's was short lived. Now, I know you're thinking, "What's wrong with that?" Because it was pronounced live, with a hard 'I', as in, "I saw that band perform live" but with a 'd'. I couldn't believe it. I had to pause and just stare at my CD player. This is a professional! Disappointing.
Overall, this was just not my cup of tea. It has no redeeming qualities for me.