Wife 22

Wife 22 - Melanie Gideon, Cassandra Campbell This book actually made me laugh out loud in some places so I should give it a better review than I am but it is what it is.
My problem with this book was the author trying to make cheating okay. "It's okay, she didn't actually cheat." "It's okay, it was her husband the whole time." Cheating is NOT okay. (And we can pick apart the definition of cheating and what is/what isn't but I know, I would be pissed if my husband agreed to meet with "another" woman regardless of it was me. HE didn't know that.)
I got aggravated with her whining about the things her husband didn't do that he was trying to do. She said she wanted someone who thought about her all day. She was told by Caroline that her husband talked about her during their runs. She said she missed what they had but rebuffed his attempts to get back there. The whole thing was just her being a whiny bitch, not satisfied with what she had, while she had what she wanted. So, yeah. I had issues.
But there were some side stories that I really enjoyed. I loved the interaction with her son and her trying to make him be gay. Hilarious!