Longbourn - Jo Baker, Emma Fielding This was a bit of a disappointment. I had read all the rave reviews, was super excited to read it, and then it didn't live up to my expectations.
This is definitely a case of "It's me, not you." The book itself is fine. I just realized, about half-way through, that if it didn't have the Pride & Prejudice tie-in, it is not a book I would have picked up. The story just kind of dragged while going into all the menial tasks that Sarah had to do. I understand that they had to hand make soap. I do not, however, need a detailed description of it. I don't feel like there was much of an actual story until Sarah and James got together.
Which leads to:
This is not Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. Some of the characters were unrecognizable. I did not like what Jo Baker did to Elizabeth Bennett. I do not buy that Lizzy became so insecure once she went to Pemberley. I refuse to accept that. I hated that she went to Darcy when Sarah quit. Hated that. Do not get me started on Mr. Bennett. The only thing that didn't shock me was Wickham. It is not such a stretch of my imagination that a man who would marry a 15 year old, will also try to "romance" a 12 year old.
I don't know. I wanted to love this. Truly, I did. But I did not. So 2 stars because I did at least finish it.