The Curse Keepers (Curse Keepers series)

The Curse Keepers - Denise Grover Swank This is a review of an ARC received from NetGalley for an honest review.
I did not like this. It was too full of stereotypes, it was repetitive and had too many info-dumps.
My biggest issue with this book was all the history/info-dumps. I love history and I live in NC, so growing up, of course I heard about the Roanoke Colony. (That's why I wanted to read this so badly.) My problem was the timing of all the information. They were getting ready to have sex for the first time, tearing clothes off each other, barely making it back to their hotel room, but stop to draw symbols and explain what they all mean in great detail. It just took me out of the moment. That's not the only time I felt myself thinking, "Now is not the time" but it was the most memorable.
We've all read the stories of the bad boy and good girl. It's a good one and it works. This just felt overdone and it used too many clich├ęs. Seriously, for the first twenty percent, Collin's main description was "sexy" or "hot as hell." Ellie was, of course, a plain Jane. Her character just didn't seem fleshed out and was a bit of a contradiction. One minute she's all soft and stupid the next she's trying to be bad ass, capable of anything. One minute she's dry-humping Collin, the next playing devoted daughter. I didn't know who she was supposed to be and honestly, it's hard for me to care. I hated Ellie for not just admitting what she knew or, in this case, what she didn't know. It seemed that was the biggest push to the story was trying to find information but she repeatedly refused to tell Collin the whole story. I just didn't buy it. Making stupid decisions does not make you strong or independent. It makes you stupid. She should have swallowed her pride (it's a tough pill, I know, but for the sake of the entire world, a minor one) and confessed everything.
The repetition. Holy redundancies, Batman! Collin would explain something to Ellie, Ellie would go over it to herself, then explain it to Claire, then ask her Daddy. :Bangs head on table: Really, how many times do I have to read "Curse Keeper, daughter of the sea, witness to creation."
I just really didn't care for this book. I would not even have finished it if it hadn't been an ARC and even that almost wasn't enough. I'm sure there is an audience for it but I'm just not it.