Blood Red Road (Dust Lands Trilogy)

Blood Red Road - Moira Young, Heather Lind 3.5 stars

This was a really interesting read. I loved the world that Moira Young created and I want to know more about it, like what happened that set the world back?
I loved seeing the character of Saba evolve from a follower to a leader. It was nicely done. (Side note, I didn't really like the cage fighting stuff. It felt a little off to me. She's never left her home before, never really met other people, but she's an undefeated fighter? A little hard to swallow.)
I loved Jack. He is awesome.
Nero. A crow that is a pet and trained to do things even some dogs won't do? Awesome! (I love when animals are just as critical to a story as humans. Makes things so much fun!)