Lover At Last: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

Lover at Last - J.R. Ward The moments between Blay and Qhuinn were ah-mazing. Some of them were so tender and sweet that I felt like I was going to cry (when Qhuinn kissed Blay's hand, my heart melted).
Now, I know that part of Ward's charm is the switching between characters. It keeps the reader reading to get back to the main story (Qhuay) but I think she over extended it this time. There were way too many POV's going on. (Assail, Xcor, Blay, Qhuinn, Trez, Layla, Mr. C, Sola) It was too much. I got really aggravated with that. A real revelation would happen between Qhuay and then I would have to read through two or three other character's POV's to get back. I honestly could care less at this point about Assail, certainly not Sola and Mr. C. It threw me out of the moment and I hated that.
There were also several typo's which were distracting.
I don't know why it bothered me but I didn't like how she played Butch in this book, either. All of a sudden he's "I think he's a wicked strong fightah." That is a direct quote from the book. (Page 164) Now, I know that Butch is from Boston. Lord knows, I get beat over the head with his Bostonian accent every time he opens his mouth but really, was that necessary? Why all of sudden is Ward doing that?
Other than those aggravations, it was very typical J.R. Ward. I did enjoy how many of the other Brother's I was able to see. I liked the little check-ins. It just seemed like in the other books, too often they stayed way in the background. Not so much in this book.
I literally just finished so I might have to come back and edit. This book's ending just gave me such a case of the warm n' fuzzies.