Alpha (Shifters Book 6)

Alpha - Rachel Vincent I really loved this series. This book, though, does not get all 5 stars. I liked the ending, I thought everything wrapped up well, no unanswered questions and in the direction I wanted. I do see how she could still write more for this series, though. (But that could just be me being greedy.) And now, the dreaded spoilers. Why, Rachel Vincent, did you have to kill her father? I mean, really? I knew the series was going to end with her stepping into the Alpha role, that was pretty obvious, but you couldn't just let him retire?! You had to kill him? I literally yelled out loud and cried real tears! And Faythe choosing Marc over Jace does not make up for it. That was obvious, too. Of course she had to choose Marc. He was the one she couldn't live without. Jace was just the fun thing on the side. Sorry, Jace. You can come home with me, though. ;-)