Bitter Blood (Morganville Vampires, Book 13)

Bitter Blood - Rachel Caine I'm actually kind of torn with this book. I mean, how many times can Claire & gang save the vampire's lives and still get treated badly? It's getting a little tiring.
The switching of the character's point of view isn't so bad (although I think it slows the pace a little bit) but when Rachel Caine changes the from third person POV to first person POV for everyone but Claire (who is the main character!), it aggravates me.
I will admit I'm intrigued about whether Claire and Shane actually leave Morganville and what their lives/relationship will be like outside the town. That alone will make me read the next one. Afterwards, though, I may just be done, if Rachel Caine isn't. The series is getting a little drawn out without any real progress, in my opinion.