The First Affair: A Novel

The First Affair: A Novel - 'Emma McLaughlin',  'Nicola Kraus' I am undecided about this book. I'm not sure if I liked it or not. On the one hand, I loathe anything that tries to make cheating justifiable. Why did I even read this book? Because on the other hand, I love scandal. I was hoping this book would be so full of scandal and considering the story line, it should have been. It did have a fair amount of scandal but it was also more sad than I would have expected.
I started this book fully intending to hate Jamie. I mean, she involved herself with a married man. As the book went on, I started to actually pity her. She was so blind and didn't even realize it.
I would have liked more back story on the whole Mike angle. That could have been an extremely interesting side story, in my opinion.
I also rolled my eyes a little at the glaringly obvious parallels to President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. I know there is no real way to write a story about an affair with the President without your mind going straight to them but really. The coat was too much. It was blue, even! Come on.
Overall, it wasn't a bad book. And some might love it. But due to my personal beliefs I can't give it more than a two star rating, say that I'm not sorry I read it and that it didn't invoke the rage that Wife-22 did.