Dead Ever After: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)

Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris This book seemed very slow. I'm not sure exactly how because a lot went on but it was slow. There was too much filler in between.
I'll start with my irritation with the "southern sayings." This wouldn't bother me quite as much if Charlaine Harris would just use the word "y'all," I think. I am born and bred in Small Town, NC and I do consider myself a Southerner. We do have some very odd expressions but "you all" is not one of them. We say "y'all." So every time Sookie says some stupid saying to prove she's from the south and then follows with "you all," it rubs me the wrong way.
My next complaint, is who she "chose." It's not so much that it is Sam, as the way that it happened. I like Sam. He is a good guy. I understand why she would choose him. It just seemed a little forced and out of left field for me. I mean, we all know Sam has interest in Sookie but she never acknowledged it or returned the feelings, always stressing that they were "just friends." I do not find Sookie's use of the cluviel dor to be a romantic gesture. Charlaine Harris tried to make me believe it was and I'm not buying it. I think she would have used it had it been any of her friends lying there, bleeding out. If Charlaine Harris had always wanted Sookie to end up with Sam, fine. Just build it more. Show me Sookie's feelings developing because even that didn't really happen. Sam declared his feelings, Sookie says "Let's go slow, I did just get divorced," and then the next time they are together, they fall into bed. It bugged me. Enough about that.
The bad guys were ridiculous. Really. It's like Charlaine Harris brought all the bad guys that weren't already dead back for one last try. They fumble around, mess up their last attempt and then, the good guys win. Easily. It was just unexciting. I was let down. I mean, I read about her cooking dinner, tanning, and entertaining random guests who stopped by but I don't get more details about the ending. It was unfair and, frankly, made me a little angry.
Overall, this was a lackluster finish to what started as a really fun series. I will say I enjoyed it more than Deadlocked, which doesn't really mean much.