Beautiful Disaster: A Novel

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire This book. I honestly do not even know where to start with this book.
I think I'll start with the writing. From the start, I felt a little like I picked up a book already in progress. It just felt very forced. The writing was choppy. I mean, it was written that they walked into the cafeteria and then all of sudden, they put their trays down on the table without having to go through the line. Abby goes on birth control but we know nothing about it until Travis sees her taking it. I felt like I was watching for "bloopers" in a movie. She's holding the cup, now she's not, now it's back, kind of thing.
So, after the "introductions" we find out they are going to an underground fight ring called, "The Circle." (As a lover of MMA, I have to say I hate what this represents. I hate the idea of an illegal fight. Without the rules and safety concerns, it's just violence and stupid.) Travis "Mad Dog" :snickers: Maddox is amazing. At everything. He's super smart without any effort and without even going to class (as he's always with Abby). He's the bestest fighter ever, without ever having to train and he only gets hit when he allows it. :Rolls Eyes: He's so sexy, women literally throw themselves at him, even knowing that he only wants sex, not even a repeat booty call because he will not take phone numbers. All men are terrified of him and refuse to stand up to him because he beats everyone up and the cops are never, ever called on him for assault. (Ever. Seriously. :Rolls Eyes Again:) (This is minor but it irked me all the same. He drives a motorcycle at high speeds (cause he's "dangerous," remember) and Abby/Pigeon rides with him, without helmets! Or maybe they put them on but we just don't know it because of the choppy writing.)
Abby is someone with a past that we know nothing about until over half way into the book. She is, of course, a virgin. (Still manages an orgasm her very first time, though.) She is also an idiot. I do not buy that she had no idea Travis had feelings for her. A person can tell when someone is into them, especially since it was so obvious. Not to mention, she keeps running back to him after he does something asshole-ish. But the thing that makes her the biggest idiot, is that she encourages Travis' behavior. There is actually a scene in the book where she gives him the okay to beat a guy up to teach him some "manners." Irony, anyone?
Now, if you make it past all of that utter ridiculousness, there is still the rest of the story. Abby goes on dates and Travis shows up and takes her away or is waiting at the door for her or pulling her out of the car. WTF?
Okay, I'm honestly done talking about this book. It was bad. It was more of an example of terrible, reckless behavior. The drinking(as much as she drank at her birthday party, she should have gotten alcohol poisoning), the fighting, the unprotected sex (still really disappointed she didn't end up with an STD or pregnant, that would have been more realistic and hella funny)... It was all awful.
So, why 2 stars, then? Because it became something of train wreck that I couldn't look away from. I found myself wanting to keep reading just to see what the hell else would happen. If nothing else, I did get snorts of laughter out of it. Granted, I don't think I was supposed to laugh when Travis bought her a puppy (REALLY? A puppy? She lives in a dorm room, idiot! And isn't that a little too cheesy, even for this book?!) for her birthday, but I did. So. I'll give it 2 stars. Grudgingly.