Edge of Black

Edge of Black (Dr. Samantha Owens #2) - J.T. Ellison, Joyce Bean Just a few notes:
-Where the hell are the ugly/plain people? Everyone in this cast was gorgeous. All the men were ripped, all the women had nice legs and "racks."
-Bullshit on someone being brought in for questioning, about a possible suspect in a terrorist attack, and being allowed to say, "I don't want to say his name." That is not going to happen. I literally cried "Bullshit" on that.
-The author kept making a note of Fletch's feelings for Sam, which I never really got (aside from the author cramming it down my throat) because he was so busy ogling anyone with breasts.
-The repetition. It bogged the story down so much. Fletch had to pass on information to Sam who had to relay to Xander who told his dad. And they all had to talk out all the possibilities.
-The side stories about the murders in Indiana and the abuse of the prostitutes were not necessary. I think a terrorist attack using a new bio weapon was enough. There was no need to toss that in and the rush to tie it up.

Overall this one was not for me. I struggled the entire way through just to finish.