Born of Silence (The League)

Born of Silence (The League) - Sherrilyn Kenyon Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of those authors that have been floating around the edges of my awareness. I had heard of her but never read her work. I thought I'd giver her a shot. As this was my very first Sherrilyn Kenyon novel, I tried to keep an open mind. Especially knowing this was the newest in a series that I had not read. But...
Oh. My. God. I didn't think this would ever end! It just seemed to stretch on and on while going over the same stuff I already knew. I get it. Darling had a crappy life, nothing good about it. Every new character's introduction, it seemed, involved another horrible telling of Darling's past. I suppose it was supposed to be character development but I just got tired of being hit over the head with how horrifying his life was. And I find it extremely hard to believe that any person could survive the things he did and be as sane as he was.
Oh, Zarya. I got so pissed at this character. So pissed I had to stop the disc and take a breather. When she had the audacity to get angry because Darling kept bringing up what was done to him by her people because she felt being sold into slavery equaled it. Honey, nothing happened to you. You sat in a room, with a collar around you neck, being fed real food because you were thought to be too thin and no one would want to have sex with you. That is not even close.
The only redeeming quality to this book was Maris as the overly flamboyant gay side kick.
This was just really bad for me. The actual plot kept getting lost in all the horrible things that happened in Darling's past. There was too much repetition of the same information. There just wasn't much that could save this book for me. I gave it 2 stars instead of just 1 only because the plot was interesting, whenever it got brought into the story again.