Urban Shaman (The Walker Papers, Book 1)

Urban Shaman (The Walker Papers, Book 1) - C.E. Murphy 2.5 stars but I rounded up.
This book was so/so. I think because I enjoyed the Negotiator Trilogy (rather, the two I have read so far anyway) so much, I had high expectations for this book as well. And it fell a little flat. It's not that it was bad, really, just not as good to me. I understand the main part of the plot is Joanne trying to learn her abilities but it just seemed to slow the plot down for me.
Everyone just accepting Joanne and being completely okay with her new found power was a bit of a stretch for me. I mean, supposedly, she's living in real world Seattle and everyone's just "Oh, you can talk to demi gods and you have special powers? Okay, no problem." Really? Not one person calls her crazy? I did, however, love Gary. He's such a fun character, if a little unrealistic (he's what 80, and still running around like that), that he alone might make me read the next book.
So obviously there were things I found hard to swallow with this book but just for entertainment value, not as awful as some I have read.