The Last Victim

The Last Victim - Karen Robards,  Read by Ann Marie Lee This whole audio book can be summed up in one word/action: "Snore". It just did absolutely nothing for me. There was one point where they spent 3 whole tracks (!!) on dancing, which I think was supposed to be all tense and sexually charged but it missed that mark for me, mainly because he's a ghost. Yes, a ghost. Not just a ghost, no, that would be too simple. He is a convicted serial killer (who professes his innocence, of course) who died in prison in Charlie Stones' arms. Yep. The author took it there. But to keep it on level playing field she threw in an alive FBI agent to try to tempt Charlie, all the while writing him about as exciting as a piece of paper and making it very clear there were no "sparks" between them.
Also, as a psychic medium, shouldn't Charlie have become slightly adjusted to see ghosts? I mean, supposedly this has happened all of her life but every time a ghost spoke to her, she had trouble ignoring them. I would think, that over time, she would have gotten better at it.
Overall, not for me. In any way. There is not one thing I can say that is positive about this book. I struggled with how many stars to give this, actually. I don't like to give just one star unless it was so bad I couldn't finish it and, obviously, I did finish this one (only because I didn't have a new audio book to replace it with) but I really didn't like it. So. One star.