The Silvered

The Silvered - Tanya Huff A solid 3 stars.
I liked this book but did not love it. Which is disappointing because I wanted to love this book. I really adore Tanya Huff and had such high hopes for this book and it fell a little flat. It seemed like some of the side characters that I was supposed to care about (Ryder & Harry, mostly), I just didn't. I could see where she was trying to flesh them out but it just didn't work for me. I did like Mirian and Tomas but not the way she was trying to make them lovers. I thought Tomas acted a little too young and it almost felt inappropriate, like Mirian was taking advantage of Tomas. (Which I know, she didn't but it just felt a little creepy to me.) The story was okay, though. I liked the concept and would read more if there was a sequel.