Found (Penny Black #1)

Found (Penny Black #1) - Stacey Wallace Benefiel This was really good. The story was really engaging and intriguing. I do have a few complaints, though.
The slang. "Chido" and "bueno" were overused. Whereas I can use context to get the meaning, I have never heard the word "chido."
I could definitely tell that this was a side series. There was something that made me realize that I picked up a book that had characters who were already established somewhere else. As this was my first time reading [a:Stacey Wallace Benefiel|3512625|Stacey Wallace Benefiel|], I felt a little lost at first. As time went by, I realized I didn't care. This was Penny's story, whatever came first.
The ending seemed too abrupt. It didn't feel like an ending so much as it just dropped off. I know cliff hangers are popular, to keep you coming back for more, but this just seemed a little unfinished to me.
Overall, though, I really did like this book. And I keep thinking about it. I found the story to fun, fast paced, and action packed.
I know I said this was my first time reading Stacey Wallace Benefiel but it will not be my last. Her Zellie Wells series has made it onto my TBR list.