The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride)

The Angel Experiment  - James Patterson, Evan Rachel Wood At 29 years old, I understand that I'm not the target audience for this book. That doesn't mean that some of this stuff isn't just silly. The Erasers aren't scary because they don't really do anything. Not to mention, the kids can FLY away if they need to. They have bird-like bones so their wings can lift them off the ground yet, they have superhuman strength. What? Wouldn't that make their frail bones shatter when they hit something? Max is the SELF-appointed leader and hates being in the position. Then pass it off. Quit crying about it!
This book was eh. Like I said, I realize I'm a little old to be reading YA but I think even a teenage would take issue with some of this. I gave it two stars because I did finish it and move onto the next but I doubt I'll read the whole series.